WordPress vs. GetSimple

Wordpress logo versus GetSimple logo

WordPress is one of the most popular database-driven content management systems (CMS) providing a relatively easy way to create a website. But it may be overkill for some small businesses that don’t need all of its extended features. GetSimple is a lesser known, flat-file CMS. Flat-file CMS’s keep all of the content in file folders rather than storing it in a database on the server. Each system has their own strengths and weaknesses.

WordPress is much more robust than GetSimple. It also has a much wider user-base than GetSimple, thus providing much more plugins, themes, and support. WordPress provides features like blogging, commenting, and so many more plugins that allow the user to expand their website as necessary. But because of its vast functionality, WordPress can be a hassle to handle and maintain.

GetSimple on the other hand is much smaller and straightforward than WordPress. Providing less functionality than WordPress, GetSimple is best for basic websites with a relatively low amount of pages. It doesn’t really provide for blogging and comment systems (though there are some plugins). Because of its lack of fancy bells and whistles, GetSimple is much easier to use; the interface is much cleaner. However, because of its simplicity, GetSimple isn’t appropriate for websites that are intended to expand.

Both WordPress and GetSimple are easy to start up. It’s just a matter of downloading the files from the website (wordpress.org and get-simple.info). WordPress does require an extra step to set up a database for the site content. After connecting it to the server, each CMS provides a simple login process. Setting up is as simple as that.

Then, it’s just a matter of choosing the theme and adding your websites content. Adding new pages and setting up menus with either CMS is super easy. Each has a fairly intuitive interface. As you can see in the images below, WordPress is much more robust while GetSimple is very minimalistic.

WordPress Interface

WordPress Interface

GetSimple Interface

GetSimple Interface

In conclusion, WordPress and GetSimple have different intended users. WordPress is for the website that plans to expand and establish a larger web-presence. GetSimple is best for small businesses that don’t require extensive features on their websites. Both CMS’s do a great job in helping the user manage their content effectively.


One thought on “WordPress vs. GetSimple

  1. [ Smiles ] This is the first time that I am reading about Get Simple.
    For the record, WordPress is in a class by itself!

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