3 Of My Favorite Web Resources

I have been in web design for just eighteen months, so I’m trying to get a grasp on what technologies to learn, what I want to specialize in, and how to get started in the field. I have found countless great resources that are helping me advance my understanding and continue to learn about the amazing world of web design, but here are just 3 for now.


Twitter and social media really can be more than just a time killer; it can actually be quite invaluable. I have created a list including just web developers and designers that post the latest research, developments, and trends in web development and design. They do often post unrelated content, but the nuggets they post are golden. Plus they refer to great blogs that also keep up with web-related content. Here are some people I’m following:

Hugo GiraudelSara SoueidaBrad FrostChris CoyierJen SimmonsLuke Wroblewski

CSS TricksCSS Tricks

Chris Coyier’s CSSTricks.com is an elemental resource for getting into web development. Beneficial for both beginner and veteran developers, csstricks.com is a great resource for answering just about any question about CSS and related topics.

SeanWes PodcastThe SeanWes Podcast

In the SeanWes Podcast, hosts Sean McCabe and Ben Toalson discuss the best practices in becoming a freelancer. They discuss core principles of dealing with clients, pricing, self-management, and the process of building your own business. I have found the information and experiences they share to be so incredibly helpful. Maybe start with Episode 46 about how to price your services.




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