WordPress: Count Me In!

Wordpress in my toolbox

I have decided that WordPress.org is the content management system that I want to focus on learning at this point. WordPress just excels in so many ways, so it’s the first CMS I want to add to my toobox.

Why WordPress?

  1. WordPress is open-source!
  2. The customization WordPress provides is utterly invaluable. It can be used to create a blog, business website, and ecommerce among so many other uses.
  3. The user base is gigantic! Just about every problem I may have is documented somewhere which makes debugging a bit less stressful. Plus there are so many resources that I can use to learn more.
  4. WordPress provides effective ways to increase Search Engine Optimization.
  5. WordPress has so many plugins that allow me to extend a website in a variety of directions.
  6. WordPress’s control panel is relatively easy to use, not just for me but also for clients that I may pass it on to. Plus I can edit or add new content from any computer.

Of course, WordPress isn’t ideal for every website’s needs. However, I think WordPress is a valuable tool that all web designers should have a good understanding of. WordPress is used by so many website creators and continues to be a strong player in the web community.




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