Why Blogging Is Beneficial For Businesses

So blogging is a big deal, right? Apparently 77% of internet users just in the United States read blogs, and 6.7 million Americans blog. I found a super in-depth infographic that gives a ton of statistics that confirms that blogs are pretty popular. And of course they are. Blogs are just people sharing various information with each other. Blogging is an easy way to share with the world what we’re passionate about.

Infographic on Blogging Stats

Benefits Of Blogging For Businesses

Blogging has so many benefits for all kinds of people and purposes, especially for businesses. It’s definitely something your business may want to consider picking up.

Hosting a blog on your website boosts traffic. Blogging helps potential clients see that you are well informed in your field. Researching information for blogs helps keep yourself sharp and up to date with the latest in your field. Blogging provides for great opportunities for networking with others in both your trade and in others.

Become An Expert Blogger!

Enjoy It

So how can you be a great blogger? Start by writing about what you genuinely enjoy writing about. If you start blogging just for the money or just for business success, you will probably burn out after a couple months when you don’t see growth. True passion will shine through your work.

Be Persistent

That being said, make sure to keep a consistent flow of posts. So often do people start strong, but die out after a few months (or even weeks). Push yourself to post once a week or every other week. Persistence is one of the most important values of a good blog.


Also put up some tutorials or tips on learning the tricks of your trade. Teaching not only helps someone else, but also helps you learn more. There is always someone else who doesn’t know what you know.

Keep To A Theme

Keep your content around a consistenttheme — not necessarily about one topic but one theme. All of your posts should be pointed towards a certain goal. For example, “to promote a healthy lifestyle” or “to share great coffee”. Your audience will come back for something similar to what they got last time.

Be Honest

Lastly, just be honest. Don’t rip off other people’s work. You’re better than that. Find your own unique style. Do your best to give the facts (but honest mistakes are okay sometimes too).

My Plans For Blogging

I personally plan on blogging on anything web design related. Specifically, I will post on various subjects related to my growth as a web designer like tutorials on software that I am currently learning. I will post analyses on the latest design trends and technologies. I will promote best practices in designing for the ever-evolving web. I may post tips on how to work as a freelancer like how to work with clients or how to deal with money and pricing.


As humans, we are quickly migrating towards utilizing the internet more and more, and blogs are such a big part of that. If done with love and perseverance, you will find blogging to be very valuable and rewarding for your business.



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