Missing Feature: Artists Taxonomy

My design team and I are currently working on a website redesign for an artists community here in town called the Creek Arts District (CAD). It’s a community of local artists that all have studios or galleries in this one part of town and are all walking distance from each other. The Creek Arts District is a popular destination for people visiting our city to see the unique artwork and perhaps buy a painting or some jewelry.

The website acts as a directory and a guide for tourists planning to take a stroll through the CAD. However, the taxonomy of the various artists is difficult to navigate in the current site. The current site does classify the artists by both their medium and by the building where their studio or gallery is located. But it’s all jumbled in an overwhelming list. The artists profiles share a page of the building where they are located, so you have to scroll through a list to find the artist you’re looking for.

Our solution is to split the artists’ profiles onto their own individual pages. The main “Artists” page would list all the artists with a category system that filtered them by the selection of buildings or media. Similar filter systems are used on ecommerce sites.

So we will use a custom post type for the artists’ profiles so that we can easily add or remove artists from the list. While we could have manually coded custom post types, we are using a free plugin call Custom Post Type UI that lets you build them quickly and easily.CPT UI Screenshot

We also need to specify customized fields to fill out the artists’ profile such as a description, hours of operation, link to their website, etc. So we are also using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.Advanced Custom Fields Screenshot

This is a somewhat simple solution, but very effective in helping users find artists easily.



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