Essential Features For An Effective CMS

There are so many Content Management Systems to choose from.A Content Management System (CMS) helps people create, organize, and maintain their website’s content in a uniform manner. With so many CMS services out there that claim to provide optimal systems, it may be difficult to pick the best service to fit your business’s needs. You need to know what features are a must for a successful CMS.

Essential Features

Content Creation

Of course, the CMS needs to make it easy to add new content and web pages quickly and easily.

Advanced Content Manipulation

The CMS should allow you to distribute content to multiple areas of the website without having to copy/paste. This makes it easier to maintain and update the website as a whole.


The CMS must provide ways to keep sensitive information secure and to avoid malware.


The CMS should provide easy ways to add various extensions to your website. It is important to be open to future growth of your website such as ecommerce or discussion forums.

Other Things To Consider

Ease of Learning

Consider how easy a CMS is to learn. Take advantage of the free trials and explore as much as you can. Check forums, reviews, and tutorials. Remember, you will be using this CMS for years; so pick a CMS that doesn’t make you pull your hair out every time you use it.

Documentation & Community Support

Make sure that a CMS has sufficient documentation to help you learn and work through bugs. It’s also beneficial if the CMS is popular as you can search for tutorials and bug fixes and find solutions easily.

Website SEO

CMS’s make it easy to increase your websites Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They typically provide plugins to help you easily add tags and metadata to your web pages.

Access Control

If you are giving the keys of the website to a client or another person, you may not want to give them access to parts of the CMS that they don’t need. Restricting parts of the CMS for them can help avoid accidents that may break the site.

The Best CMS

There is no one perfect CMS. It all depends on your needs and what works best for you. First, realize what your project will encompass and what it might be 5 years down the road. You might only need to display a portfolio. Or you might plan on selling your products through your website.

Then explore! Many CMS’s are free and others offer free trials. Test them out, check how easy or hard they are to understand and work with. You will soon find which CMS can help you build and maintain your website best.


Becoming a Change Agent in Design & Web Technology

In this age of the internet where everything is always being updated and revised, it’s difficult to keep up with the latest without getting frustrated. That is why we need more change agents.

What Is A Change Agent?

A change agent is a person who has a firm vision of a better future and helps lead others into that. A change agent is very much a catalyst, helping people reach their goals.

Steve Jobs introduces the first iPhone

Steve Jobs is a prime example of a change agent in the web technologies field. Jobs fought for the user experience more than anything else. He pushed Apple to create industry-altering products: the Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. These products transformed the internet world.

Looking At The Future of Web Technologies

What upcoming products and technologies will impact the worldwide web? And how can businesses, both great and small, take advantage of them?

Video Cameras & Internet Video – More than 1 billion users visit YouTube every month. Video is naturally engaging and easily consumed. Camera technology is advancing to produce greater picture and sound quality for less money, allowing access to low-budget businesses and filmmakers. People can share about their products and ideas like they never have before. Video enhances a business’s internet presence informing people in an entertaining way.

SmartPhones & Tablets – Smartphones and tablets will increasingly become universally used for average consumer use, phasing out stationary desktop computers. These devices are also becoming more and more powerful to handle intense tasks and graphics. Web content is being consumed on smartphones, making it necessary for businesses to provide device-friendly content with designs that are responsive to different screen sizes and device needs.

How Can I Be A Change Agent In Web Technologies?

I can be a sort of change agent by helping businesses jump in and adapt in the expanding world of digital media. I can help them produce videos to share their story and promote their products and services. I can also help them prepare and refine their website for smartphones and tablets to ensure that visitors have a pleasant experience. I can provide these services to help people reach their goals.